Electronics & Technology

With years of experience working with international hi-tech brands, Kerry Logistics offers a lean and efficient supply chain from inbound and manufacturing, to outbound and distribution, after-sales, reverse logistics and more.


Our speed-to-market logistics solutions ensure your new products reach consumers before your competitors’ do.


Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
Our inbound logistics and VMI solutions ensure a continuous supply of raw materials to support your production line, all year round. Optimised inventory and effective supplier management frees you to focus on your R&D and business development.


Return and Repair Management
We provide Return Materials Authorisation (RMA), simultaneous handling of replenishment and return to store, display product management, repacking for re-sales, and eco-friendly disposal of obsolete items.


Warehousing and Distribution
Our extensive network of logistics facilities and dedicated distribution teams provide TAPA-certified warehousing, inventory optimisation, Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) management for finished goods and after-sales parts, continuous replenishment, and more.


Fulfillment Distributor
We take full custody of your inventory, handling procurement, stock forecast and planning, inventory financing, supplier management, and much more. Meanwhile, you enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow, increased marketing resources, and enhanced sales.


Value-added Services
Our value-added services include RMA functional testing, production scheduling, postponement, in-transit assembly, configuration/conversion, and more.